The swirl diffusers of OTO Series are designed to be used in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems at a temperature differential up to 12°C. They can be mounted in false ceilings or suspended from the ceiling, from 2,6 up to 4 metres high. The OTO diffusers allow a flow variation of 60% keeping the air stream stable. The radial configuration of its eight sections produces a rotational induction of air with Coanda effect and the high airflow rate reduces stratification. The particular design of the vents creates a uniform airflow along the length of each aperture. As a result of the collaboration with Lievore, Altherr & Molina, the original design of the OTO diffusers allows manufacture from a continuous sheet, without any edges which highlight an assembled construction. This results in very smooth airflow characteristics, optimising its design function and reducing the visual impact within the architectural surroundings.