The multi-directional diffusers of the PLAY series are designed to be used, in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems at a temperature differential up to 12º C. They can be mounted in false ceilings or suspended from the ceiling, from 2,6 up to 4 metres high. The PLAY diffusers respond to different functional and architectural requirements thanks to their manually adjustable sectors of diffusion in different directions. The adjustment of each sector is made easily by means of marks that indicate the different positions. According to the direction of the sectors, PLAY diffusers can act like a 1, 2, 3 or 4-way diffuser, as well as a swirl diffuser. In any one of their configurations, PLAY diffusers create a uniform airflow in all the effective areas, with coanda effect. This provides a high induction air rate level, reducing stratification. These diffusers are designed for both CAV and VAV installations. As a result of the collaboration with Benedito Design, the original concept of PLAY diffusers represents, not only an innovative technical solution for present architecture, but is also a vanguard in design of air diffusers. Product protected as industrial model.